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Our collection of original educational resources is designed for parish communities and families wanting to nurture the spiritual growth of young people in the Orthodox Christian Faith. 

Having a solid foundation based on the teachings of Orthodox Christianity can help people of all ages navigate the many things going on today's world, leading to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Church and Home School Educational Resources

Full-color Weekly Handouts
8 annual Units
Study Guides
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Orthodox Journeys Are Holistic

Each of us is on the path to Salvation. With the help of the saints, our parish clergy, and fellow parishioners, we live each day drawing closer to God.

Our educational resources are designed to help youth and young people in their journey by exploring the feasts and fasts, liturgical services, and scripture through summary text, hymns, and educational and fun activities.

Our 45 week Curriculum is divided into 8 six-week Units, discussing topics on a weekly basis deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ as 21st century Orthodox Christians.

Each weekly lesson explores the same topics and themes by 4 grade levels, at progressive levels of comprehension, and includes resource handouts for parents.


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