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Living A Sacramental Life

A 42-week curriculum exploring the many sacred and holy events in the life of Orthodox Christians. From baptism to faith, from icons to blessings, this curriculum leverages scripture readings, activities, study guides for children in grades K-12 to discover the riches of living a sacramental life.

Each weekly lesson includes original content:

  • Handouts and activities for students in four grade levels (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

  • Study guides for teachers and homeschooling families

  • Parent/family discussion guides with topical questions 

  • Read Me overview resource

Syllabus of the 42-Week Curriculum

Samples of a typical weekly lesson

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Unit 1: Foundations of a Sacramental Life

Unit 2: Physical Sacramental Expressions

Unit 3: Fruits of the Spirit

Unit 4: Godly Celebrating

Unit 5: Faith and Works

Unit 6: Sacramental Relationships

Unit 7: Living a Sacramental Life

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