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Orthodox Journeys

Educational Resources
for Parishes and Families

Living the Faith

Being Orthodox Christians in today's world requires us to make choices in the way we live, and sometimes those might not be easy.

It means deciding that Jesus Christ is at the center of our life. Choosing to see the image of God in ourselves and others, and being the Body of Christ wherever we are on the path to Salvation. Even if it requires us to be vulnerable, ridiculed, or rejected. 

Now imagine if you're a child faced with these choices.

Our individual Orthodox Journeys will forever be unique, yet we will all face struggles and temptations requiring us to leverage our:

  • Faith in God

  • Knowledge of the Scriptures

  • Prayer life

  • Relationship with the Saints

  • Place in the Community of Believers 

To help young people and their families, we at Orthodox Journeys are creating resources to help nurture a perspective keeping our Orthodox Christian Faith alive and vibrant wherever you may be: at home, at school, work, on vacation, or at church.

Our team is committed to providing you with quality, insightful, engaging, and fun resources which celebrate our Orthodox Faith in traditional and unique ways.

Whether you're 6 or 96, there's always something new to discover in our beloved Orthodox Faith.

Join us in discovering the joys and beauty of our shared journey to the Kingdom, singing songs and spiritual hymns, praying for each other, worshiping, and giving of ourselves for the glory of God - unto the salvation of soul and body.

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Our Team

Orthodox Journeys began in 2020 as a response to the needs of local parishes during the Covid-19 pandemic looking for engaging and easy to use resources for young people and families.

Get to know our team:

Archimandrite Christopher (Calin), spiritual advisor and editor, is Dean of the historic Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection in New York City, where he has served as both lay ministry and the clergy since 1985. He attended St Vladimir’s and St Tikhon’s Seminary, and is credentialed by the Board of Theological Education of the OCA. Born in Chicago, he was raised in the Romanian Episcopate of the OCA, and in his youth was mentored by Archbishop Valerian Trifa and Archimandrite Roman Braga. He was ordained to the diaconate in 1990 and to the Priesthood in 1994 by Archbishop Peter L’Huillier, and has led a revival of parish life that continues today.

Dustin Hertzog, co-founder and content development, holds a Bachelors and Masters in Music, studying voice. He has taught high school music and drama, as well as Orthodox church school classes. As the son of a onetime church organist, Dustin encountered most major protestant Christian denominations in his youth. Unhappy with their celebrity pastor culture and growing theological vagueness, He began reading backward through church history before arriving at the Orthodox church, finding in it both a posture of reverence and interpretation of scripture missing from previous faith experiences. He lives in Minneapolis, attending St. Mary's Cathedral (OCA), singing with the cathedral's choir.

Erin Tabor, content manager, is a member of Holy Virgin Protection, the OCA cathedral in Manhattan. Currently a high school English Language Arts teacher in South Bronx, she has experience in grades 3-10. For recreation, Erin enjoys road trips, primitive camping, dancing, and Crossfit.

Dr. Nic Hartmann, content writer, is a folklorist, youth worker and writer who is a member of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nic teaches middle school church school classes. Drawing from experience as both a cultural educator and social services director, Nic strives to highlight the power of everyday moments in helping others connect more deeply with Jesus Christ. 

David Lucs, co-founder, is a life-long members of the Orthodox Church, and active member of St. Mary’s Cathedral (OCA) in Minneapolis, MN, David’s background and experiences include work at various levels of church administration, marketing, communication, choral conducting, leading youth music workshops, and teaching church school classes. His belief in Jesus Christ as an active experience in the church and society shapes his desire to serve others.

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