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All three of our popular handouts for Holy Week and Pascha!



  • Holy Week at Home: an 8-page activity booklet with icons, liturgical hymns, and activities for families to bring the divine services home (ideal for times of illness, extended distance from church, or in a pandemic)
  • Holy Week: A Daily Journey for Youth: a 12-page full color pdf handout detailing the events of Our Lord's Passion with educational activities and scripture readings (also includes a study guide for clergy, parents, and educators.)
  • Pascha: a 12-page educational activity packet in pdf format exploring the liturgical, scriptural, and festive elements of the Feast of Feasts (also includes a parent/family overview with discussion questions.)


That's 32 pages of content and resources for young people and families who want to grow in their understanding of the Orthodox Christian Faith!


Also available for Byzantine Catholic Churches.

Holy Week and Pascha Combo

SKU: 107-27-003-001
  • This handout is licensed for use within your parish community. It can be sent to youth or families in your own parish, but may not be shared or reused with other clergy or parish communities. Thank you for abiding by these terms.

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