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Annual Curriculum

42-Week Subscription


What's Included:

42 Weekly Lessons (billed monthly) delivered via email in a .zip file with the following resources in .pdf format:

  • Student Handout: A full color 2-4 page resource with information and age appropriate educational activities for youth in grades K-12.

  • Study Guides: 4 grade level specific (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) lessons for teachers or homeschooling parents. The same topics are explored across each age-level lesson, providing depth of comprehension by age group.

  • Parent/Family Overview: A conversation starter for parents to engage their families on topics discussed during church school.

  • Read Me First: Let us help you make our lessons engaging, interesting, and informative with these simple "how to" instructions.

  • Unit Summary: Proactively plan your church school lessons for each six-week period, while informing clergy, teachers, parents, and students of what topics will be discussed.

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    42 Week Church School Curriculum
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    • student handouts
    • parent overview
    • 4 level study guides
    • and more!

More Resources

Explore other resources available from Orthodox Journeys:

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