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Choose from these fun and engaging learning resources for young people of all ages.


Lazarus Saturday

Explore this lesser feast between Great Lent and Holy Week with a lesson, parent/family discussion guide, and activities for children of all ages.​

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The Great Fast: A Kid's Perspective

Inspire children of all ages to explore and make Great Lent a meaningful part of their life.​

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Holy Week: A Daily Journey For Youth

A 12-page handout in pdf format detailing the events of Our Lord's Passion six days before the great feast of Pascha (Easter).

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Holy Week at Home

An 8-page activity booklet in pdf format to engage young people of all ages with the divine services of Holy Week.

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Myrrhbearing Women Icon Activity

Assemble your own icon of the Myrrhbearing Women at the tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Who's the Apostle?

Learn about the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ with this trivia-based game.​

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Nativity Diorama

Build a 3D icon of the Nativity of Our Lord

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