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A 4-page full color handout in pdf format to inspire children of all ages to explore and make Great Lent a meaningful part of their life.

  • Overview about the meaning of the Great Fast
  • The prayer of St. Ephraim of Syria
  • A word search of important terms used during the Fast
  • "Big Words" defining key words for Lent
  • Lenten Trivia testing your knowledge of the season
  • Gather as Community: Learn about the services of Lent
  • Ideas for making Great Lent real in your daily life


Ideal for use in classroom, on-line settings, or at home with children of all ages.

Perfect for growing in your understanding of the Orthodox Christian Faith. 

Great Lent: A Kid's Perspective

SKU: 026-07-05-001
  • This handout is licensed for use within your parish community. It can be sent to youth or families in your own parish, but may not be shared or reused with other clergy or parish communities. Thank you for abiding by these terms.

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