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Growing Through Scripture

A 42-week curriculum exploring the weekly lectionary of epistle and gospel readings, providing students in grades K-12 with opportunities to become more familar with and apply these sacred texts to their daily lives, growing closer to Jesus Christ.

Each weekly lesson includes original content:

  • Handouts and activities for students in four grade levels (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

  • Study guides for teachers and homeschooling families

  • Parent/family discussion guides with topical questions 

  • Read Me overview resource

Syllabus of the 42-Week Curriculum

Samples of a typical weekly lesson

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Unit 1: Foundations of a Sacramental Life

Unit 2: Physical Sacramental Expressions

Unit 3: Fruits of the Spirit

Unit 4:  The Sundays of PreLent

Unit 5: The Sundays of Great Lent

Unit 6:  The Sundays of the Pentecostarion

Unit 7: Living a Sacramental Life

More Resources

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